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Date: 2013-3-16

James oc Created: Feb 2013
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Diesel or gasoline?

What do you prefer a diesel or a gasoline engine and why? I think there are pros and cons for both!

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  • M.C. Created: Feb 2013
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    8 years ago

    I would say it depends on what your needs are. If you mostly do shorter trips then I would say you should go for a gasoline engine. It is cheaper. But if you do longer trips and drive a lot then the diesel is a better choice. But a diesel is a great experience because the engine is much larger and doesn’t need as many RPMs as the gasoline in my opinion. So if I didn’t have to think about cost I would always choose the diesel in front of the gasoline!

  • Phillip R Created: Feb 2013
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    8 years ago

    I have recently used both doing the same trips Volvo S40 petrol and Vauxhall Vectra
    2 ltr TDi the Vectra was 4 years older than the Volvo 18oo cc the Vectra used less fuel but the price difference made no difference over all,petrol dose not smell is cleaner but of course the cost for a petrol engine is less to purchase so take your choice.

  • Ebbe S Created: Nov 2012
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    8 years ago

    To drive diesel you need to drive at least 30 minutes almost everytime you start if - otherwise the internals will be filled with soot causing injector, DPF, turbo, EGR-system to clog and fail

  • Chris P Created: Dec 2013
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    7 years ago

    Depends on your driving style and fuel budget, A diesel has a more lazy torquey feel and petrol is more free revving plus diesel will give you better fuel economy

    If you are a keen driver that likes changing gear alot and rev matching and heel and toe I would recommend the petrol if you just like having the pulling power under your right foot go for the diesel.

    Are you looking to buy if so what is your budget ?

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