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Opel A M IMOLA Sportscar 1998


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Opel A M IMOLA Sportscar

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Engine is the OPEL/VAUXHALL Red Top 2 litre 16 valve Astra GTE unit and 5 speed gearbox , mid mounted directly behind the driver and passenger.
Running on VAUXHALL multi point injection but can be run on side draught 40 DCOE Weber Carbs.
Standard is around 155 bhp. But can be cammed to about 190 plus or the 2 litre turbo could be shoe horned in ( 202 bhp).
Runs 15" as standard but has run 17s' Would feel a bit too hard on the road with larger rims.
From 195 up to 225 ( fronts need to stay narrow to keep the feel and balance.
This is my Self-Designed and manufactured A M Imola Sportscar. I've uploaded 3 cars, the yellow one being the first car which I used to test and develop the car, the carwas entered into some low-key endurance rallies as a part of its development. The one shot shows the yellow car up the Austrian Alps , another shot shows the car outside the Ferrari Visitors Centre at Maranello, Italy.
The blue car was assembled by Dave Naylor, the red car was bought and partly assembled by W Harlow. There were some other cars and chassis' manufactured.
Unfortunately manufacturing was found to be difficult from the point of view of controlling the quality of subcontracted manufacturing of the chassis and Grp body, there were much too many variations in dimensions despite paying for all the necessary tooling.
Car sound:
Nice , not too loud ( for an unrestricted, single silencer system), the yellow car has a mild steel system attached to an 8 valve engine which has been fitted for better fuel consumption on the endurance rallies.
Some 16 valve red top cars have a stainless system with a larger silencer and have a tinny edge to the sound ( a bit like the systems on some ferraris)
2 door coupe with front mounted cooling radiator, single wiper, rear c pillars that open with the engine bay cover and useable boot with optional boot lid mounted spoiler. The red car also has a lower rar under bumper panel which was developed to hide the exhaust silencer from view.
Originally the c posts had a acrylic curved rear screen which wrapped around the back but , again, was difficult to get manufactured.
Two custom seats and matching dash and door trims ash pod accepts Vauxhall Tigra clocks in a well made moulding so that they don't look out of place.
Various were added to suit customers,
There is a brand new chassis laid down which is more extensively developed (with Mr P Todman) and would be easier to manufacture accurately every time and would also be very competive in circuit racing. But when this goes into manufacture is currently under review.

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  • Denis B

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    7 years ago

    Posted my EX2, please vote for me....Thanks.

  • Adrian Y

    Created: Jan 2013
    7 years ago

    Fantastic car!! We had an Mk1 EX2 and I loved it!

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