Toyota Supra 6.87 16
Date: 2013-1-11

Toyota Supra 1996


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Toyota Supra

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2JZ-GE fitted with turbo by AJ Performance. HOLSET HX 55 Turbo. Minisquirt ECU. T4 Titanium XPW P Turbo Charger Heat Shield. XPW Titanium Gold Header power wrap. Walbro pump. 600 cc injectors. Aluminium radiator. Open BOV. . Catch tank, ekspansion tank, manifold and exhaust handbuilt by AJ Performance. All in engine bay is airbrushed. 3,5” tft in each side. Predatorhand holding a voltmeter. All unnecessary holes welded.
450 hp @ 0,5 bar
Volk Racing TE 37 Magnesium. 8.5x18 and 10,5x19. Airbrushed
245/35/18 Yokohama Advance Sport and 315/25/19 Yokohama Advance Sport
HKS Hipermax Performer coilovers. Cuzco carbon strutbars
Car sound:
ICE ROUND UP: Three 3-way 5,25” Vibe Space components inkcluding crossovers. Three 3 3-way 6,5” Vibe Space components including crossovers. Three 4-channel Space Box stereo 4. Four monoblocks. One 15” Black Death 7500W Subwoofer.
Audiowox HeadUnit with 7” Touch screen.
1 stk. Optima Red top Batteri placeret bagerst i bilen som kørebatteri.
Two more ICE batteries
65 TFTs all in all.
Complete gt 1 widebodykit from Tamon
Hole for licenseplate removed. Handbuilt diffuser. Fibreglass veils. Forkofanger i kulfiber med håndlavet grovstruktur i midten LEDs mounted so they resemble the lasers from Predators shoulder plasma-gun. Black sidemarkers. Carbonfibre canards. Carbonfibre sword. JZA80 SUPRA GT-1 R/WING Type-1 CARBON from Tamon Design.
Carbon/kevlarhood. Specialmade hoodpins and scoops. Predator Warrior Alien Helmet mounted on the hood. Homemade roof scoop. Rear side windows removed. Rear window removed. Special dampers mounted to hold the 120 lb tailgate. Doorhandles removed. AP Racing carbon fibre mirrors. Wipers removed.

PAINTJOB: First the car was painted baby blue, to get the right bottom color. 20 liters of paint is used in the following colors:: Babyblue (Glasuirit code Sb003.70), Bordeaux (Glasurit code Sr 334.50).. A total of 22 paintcabins was filled with parts. All bolts, washer etc have been painted. All bodypaint painted black with body on the back. Airbrush done by Airbrush alone took 6 weeks full time..
HKS turbotimer. Two 3,5” TFT built in sun screens. All control from the original console is moved to the new roof console. Apexi turbotimer. NOS manometer. NOS- bottle. Lots of TFTs – in all there’s 65 TFT’s in and outside.

Vibe Space midrange speakers. Six NRG meters: Oilpressure, olietemperature, watertemperature, exhausttemperature, air/fuel ratio and boost.
The ceilingconsole is built in metaltubing and glassfibre.
On the transmission tunnel you’ll find a 6.5” midrange, voltmeter and a 3,0” TFT. Handbrake is covered by Predators armcomputer – handbuilt. In the passengerside theres a voltmeter and an additional tachometer along with two 10,4” TFTs, a 7” TFT, a 3,5” TFT, and two 2,5” TFTs.. Center air vent is removed and replaced by a 6,5” Vibe Space speaker. On top off the dash there’s a startbutton, another A/F-meter and a 7” TFT.
Between the steering wheel and the door yu’ll find yet another boostmeter from NRG. Isotta steeringwheel with NRG snap-on for the road, and a handbuilt Predator-mask for show. The glovebox contains two Vibe Space tweeters and two 5,25” speakers. Centerconsole is completely remodelled – controls and buttons are moved to ceilingconsole and replaced by 7” TFT and controls for lighteffects. In each door there’s Vibe Space crossover, 6,5” Vibe Space speaker, Vibe Space tweeter and Vibe Space mid range. Each door also holds one 10,4” TFT, one 7” TFT, two 3,5 TFTs and one 2,5 TFT.

The subwooferbox is built like the pyramid in Alien vs Predator. The sub is a 18” Vibe Black Death. Where the rear side windows used to be you’ll find one 10,4” TFT in each side. The sidepanels are rebuild to hold a 6,5” Vibe Space speaker, two Vibe Space Midrange and two Vibe Space Tweeters.

Seat are Cobra Sidewinders with rebuilt backs containing five 3,5” TFTs in each. OBX 3” belts mounted on special frames. Original top mounts for seatbelt replaced with Predatormasks.

Centersection of the 3-part stereo behind the seat consist of two Vibe Space fourchannel amplifiers four 3,5 TFTs, two Vibe Space tweeters, two 5,25” and two 6,5” speakers.

Rearsection of the stereo consist of four Vibe Space monoblock, four basslevel controllers, two Vibe space 5,25”, two Vibe Space 6,5” and two Vibe Space tweeters, four 3,5” TFTs, two 2,5” TFTs, two round voltmeters, four sqare voltmeters, and a Predator Laser Shoulder Cannon laser sight.

Seats, rooflining, carpet, and doorsides are covered with leather, 9114 Royale Himbeere +RT5 RoyLE Tec 5, stamped Essex D v4, with structure like Predators skin.

The inside of the tailgate makes room for Predators arsenal of two throwing stars, a twosided bootknife, a lasermine, an axe with knife and a foldable spear.
My thanks goes to: . Rossmanns Destiny. Han Herreds,Odense C. Kim - Demon Junior. Martin – Bong. Dennis – Gnisten. Kasper – Hibbibi. Adam. Jannik. Peder – Pophår. Alex. Alberto Trunko. Bo Trudslev. My lovely family - Linda, Emil, Bastian, Benjamin og Lucas. Hang arounds: Peter Capper. Kasper Lillemand. Peter H. Peter Solfilm. Anders - A.J. Performance. Henning - A.J. Performance. Frederik - A.J. Performance

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  • Ian J

    Created: Feb 2013
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    8 years ago

    wow some work and money....gone into that beauty

  • Nick S

    Created: Jan 2013
    8 years ago

    holy fucking shit WOW its an absolute fukin testament to personalised styling its fukin amazing... for lack of better words to describe how absolutely dumbfounded i am.... hats off, well done, its the dogs bollox.

  • Dano C

    Created: Feb 2013
    8 years ago

    Wow ! what can ya say , if ya gonna do it , well , do it! Love the detail. Some work gone into that .

  • Ebbe S

    Created: Nov 2012
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    8 years ago

    Do you want a photosession with your car? I am coming to the UK in spring and I am looking for four-five cars to photograph. Send me a message if you are interested

  • Ebbe S

    Created: Nov 2012
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    Photo albums: 4
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    8 years ago

    More pics here:

    If you know a cool car please send me a message - i'm hoping to com to England in the spring

  • M.E

    Created: Sep 2012
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    Replies: 6
    8 years ago

    Wow! So cool....

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