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Mitsubishi Colt. CJ4A Mitsubishi Colt. CJ4A
The engine was built by myself with no mechanical experience. I self tought myself by using forums, asking garages for info etc. The best part of it is that as far as i'm aware i am the only person in the UK to have done this build :D The only thing that i didn't do myself was the bodywork and flocking the interior. My plans for this next year is to fit my Evo 9 FP White Turbo, which is rated for 400-450 BHP :D I also have a spare Mivec head that i plan on working on and fitting bigger cam etc to it. Im hopeing to get to a few more shows next year and enjoy them before eventually taking it on track in the future as i built it with both these intentions. I also currently have 3 magazines on hold for featuring my car, so once ive sorted out a few things im sure a lot more people will get to find out more about it. Open in gallery |
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1996 19 8 years ago

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